Database developer

Often the heart of a web application is its data, a database developer will have this designed to the optimal needs of the web application.

In many cases it will not be apparent at the surface of a web application how the database is structured, but a well structured database can make a web application run smoother and easier to extend. Therefore is database development a crucial part of any web application development.

Our 10+ years experience with web applications and databases is a benefit for each web development project we take on.

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Web developer

Web developer

A web developer must not be confused with a PHP developer or a website designer, some top qualities of web development are:

  • Web server programming techniques like PHP,¬†C#and more… (including frameworks).
  • Client based (FRONT-END) programming with Javascript (AJAX), including frameworks.
  • Database programming (MySQL/MariaDB/MSSQL/PostgreSQL).
  • CSS2/3 Stylesheets.
  • HTML4/5 Implementation.

We have over 15 years experience in various web development techniques and can assist you with new and older techniques.

Do you have an ‘out-dated’ web application that you wish to bring up-to-date using the latest web technologies, please contact us.

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C++ Developer

C++ developer

C++ is a programming language used for many software programs like Games, Office applications, graphics and video editors, operating systems and more.

It has many purposes and is flexible for client and server computer based programs as well as embedded systems.

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php developer

PHP Developer

With more than 10 years of experience in PHP development we are able to provide excellent an excellent PHP developer that can jump in straight away.

The PHP programming language is still in active development and therefore our PHP development services are actively maintained as well. New functionality and techniques are adapted where and when possible.

Most of our projects involve a PHP developer.

Some projects are-

  • Accounting software REST API integration¬†(Xero / MyOB / SaaSu / Sage One)
  • WordPress Plugin development
  • FileBound search interface (through REST API)
  • WIP-CRM REST API server-side (to communicate with Mobile app)
  • Incident reporting system
  • many more…


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