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Label Printers

Quote calculation for label printers is quite an involved process, there are many aspects of printing a label to take in account, and not getting it right may result in losing money.

But forget a moment about how our solution can save you money, would it not be much more interesting to have a single point of access from which you can manage all your jobs?

Are you still running your Label printing business on an Excel sheet? Does this limit your growth potential? Does quoting take too much time?

We have a solution for you…

Label Printing Management software

Many business are still using a combination of Word templates, Excel sheets, Email and other tools to organise their jobs. And then there is that one person in the business that only knows how to exactly do the price calculations. This implies a huge business risk and can become a death-trap for your company.

We offer manufacturing businesses a business management software solution that will allow them to manage all their job related matters from a single point of access.

Besides that, it offers clear insight in how they have been performing, what their client’s order patterns are and more.

An, as mentioned before, it easily saves you money by saving staff time with processing jobs, chasing other staff for information, searching through loads of emails, documents and what-not to see where an order is at. So, more work can be done in the same time without having to hire more staff.

Cost effective

Our solutions is cost effective and can easily proof it’s worth. We aim for a return on investment of one year or less by using our software system optimally.


We have a solution for your business, to discuss what we have in store for you, contact us now.

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custom software development services

Affordable custom built software solutions

How can a small business, with only one or a few staff afford a custom software solution?

The key to this is the use of software modules. And not even all modules might require to be customised, so a combination of standard modules with custom modules allows for a fine-tuned affordable custom software solution that even a one-man-band can afford.

We are using the latest technologies to bring you the solution that will benefit you the most. With this you can be assured of a system that can grow with your business and be adapted to the future needs of your company, whether you stay where you are or expand.

By using web based technologies we are able to provide flexibility and dynamic in our solutions. The software is not bound to a single computer or a single user, but accessible from any computer with access the the server. The server can be cloud based or locally installed on your premises.


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Saving money is easy

Custom built software is more cost-effective

As custom software solutions allows you to target specific (currently high costs) issues in the business, the cost saving of using a custom solution becomes instantly noticeable.

Are you missing out on income because you are not properly following up on Quotes? Or is miss-planning and double booking costing you extra because you have to hire more staff or work overtime to comply to the delivery time? Maybe creating a quote is taking you hours, while it could be done in 15 minutes?

Next to a ton of problems that can be solved using customised software, our modular solutions are able to grow with your business so that investments can be kept low.

A solution to solve your problem is possible too, contact us now to get started.

Modular software development

Modular Software Development

Our systems are developed using a modular framework that we have developed since 2010, and is still in active development.

Because of its modular nature, we are able to provide only the modules actually required and therefore keep the total system price down to an acceptable level.

This also allows us to build standard modules , industry modules and fully customised modules.

Another benefit is that we can also take an existing module and customise that specifically for our client’s needs. These are medium+ priced as only additional development is required.

Are you interested in some custom software development, then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

 Standard modules low priced as they are used by a wide range of clients
 Industry modules are medium priced as they are only applicable for a certain industry
 Fully customised modules are fully priced as they are specifically developed for one client


Working together with clients

Working together using the order workflow CRM

Our client was using three separate systems to manage their business, an application (Cashbook complete) to create quotes, a calendar/memo system to create reminders to follow up on quotes and MS Project to do the production planning.

Next to that, this client was using different other systems to control the actual production process and invoicing.

The main problem they faced was that there was no link between any of these systems.

By using our Order workflow CRM system we have offered our client to combine all those different system, having a single entry point to manage each job efficiently.

Quotes can be created for clients with a reminder set to follow up, and once it is a confirmed job it can be planned along all other jobs that already have been planned, giving our client better control of their workflow.

Happy client, with happy customers.

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Exciting software

Quality Control system

With the current mayhem around Health and Safety, businesses are stressing out for no reason at all, Quality Control is not as difficult as it might seem.

But even without the extra focus on Health and Safety it is most important to know what is going on in your business.
I am pretty sure that you hold a close eye on what is happening financially, but what about quality and safety?

Quality control is the key.

Using the A-Vision Quality control system, it has now become easy to keep track of how you are performing and detect trends.
This in return allows you to adapt your business and avoid accidents.

Through a dashboard you can see in an instant how you are doing compared to previous periods.
Custom reports allows you to view specific details or trends over a certain period.

Quality Control dashboard