How to build more Trust, Professionalism, Stability and Growth

It is not difficult nor expensive.

Isn’t it annoying to be left in the dark when it comes to finding out what the progress of work orders are?
Still wondering how you can make all your software tools work for you? Are you giving up on your software?

Let us show you how through Transparency, Consistency, Scalability and Control you can achieve even greater business results.

It is not difficult nor expensive, it is merely a matter of using the right tools.

Throughout the years A-Vision has been helping many businesses to streamline internal processes by providing software solutions, fit for their specific purpose.

I can tell you stories where complex Excel sheets have been used, trying to manage all job orders, until it became unmanageable.
Or where half a dozen different software tools were used to cover each a small part of the business, that eventually became to much, resulting in losing control of the business.

There must be a better way!

Software tools that allow you to gain greater control of your business, and through that establish stability.

For example, knowing what is going on in your business is crucial in order to make decisions. Making decisions based on facts, rather than assumptions or feelings, allows you to steer your business in the right direction before it is too late. Knowing what resources are the best fit for certain tasks (based on measured facts), will hugely improve efficiency.

Quite often business reports are coming months after the fact, and may be outdated. With the proper system in place you can have instant insight in your business at any time.

Another thing we have noticed is that by using out-dated tools you will soon hit the ceiling of your business growth. Excel is useful for a time, but for a growing business it quickly reaches its limits.

By using scalable systems, that can adapt to your business needs, you will be able to grow without systems failing you.

Think about the ability to use historic data to get a projected business growth, this will allow you to discover bottlenecks early and adapt quickly.

And then this is what everyone screams for, transparency. Customers want to know when orders are being processed, or at least delivered. Staff want to know all ins and outs of a job order, so that can actually build what the customer has requested. And basically everyone, management, staff and customers alike, would really like to know how the business is doing.

One really beneficial thing is for example having a log of all emails from and to customers (for all staff), neatly organised by customer and/or job and categorised to give easy insight in what has been agreed with the customer. That alone will already save heaps of wasted time.

By implementing this transparency, you will gain trust by your staff as well as customers.

Also, with a growing business, more and different staff members are creating documents for customers as well as internal processes. With each one having their own idea how documents ought to look and what information needs to go in them, you can easily and up with a dozen of different formats for the same information.

Customers receiving a quotes from employee A in a different format than from employee B will get confused. Maybe they don’t even like the format from employee B and you may be missing out on jobs.
Or maybe job information from employee C has different information than that from employee D, although for the same job. Mistakes are easily made, causing frustrations and stress.

Software systems can provide you with consistency in communication to your customers as well as staff members. This shows professionalism, and clients are more likely to come back to you as well as staff members enjoying clear instructions are more likely to stay.

This may be a bit much to take in all at once, but we are happy to have a discussion with you how we think our Software Solutions can help your business to perform even better.

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