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Quality Control Software

HCSL – Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance SystemWhat would you do if your business growth reached its limit?

HCSL came into a tight spot within a niche branch and was looking for expansion of their business.

Documents were manually processed.
It was limiting the amount of work that could be done without investing in more personnel.

A-Vision offered a Quality Assurance System that not only allowed them to grow in numbers, but also broaden the services provided.
This resulted in a more efficient service, reducing paper and a modern, flexible system.

Find out more about the solution HCSL is using to allow further business growth.

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Ruben's Joinery

Ruben’s Joinery Management Software

Joinery Management SoftwareHow can a small Joinery like Ruben’s joinery have enough funds to afford a customised solution?

Ruben used Cashbook complete to generate quotes, after that he used a calendar/memo system to be prompted to follow up on quotes and once the job came through, Microsoft Project was used to plan the job. Next to that there were several other computer programs that Ruben was using to manage the jobs, besides the knowledge in his head about the projects.

All-in-all this went well, as long as he was the only one working in his business.

Then the problems started to appear and a solution was found with the A-Vision Joinery Management Software.

Download the Case study to read Ruben’s story.